Connecting you with surfing and nature experiencing Hawaii's beautiful mana.

Owner Kailani Jabour

Surfing can be something that keeps you healthy and happy all around with thoughts of getting up for your next ride or going past the next coast line bend to find your perfect wave. With a waterman's ocean skills and knowledge Kailani or another highly qualified chosen instructor will assess the surf conditions of your lesson's specific day to then make a decision of where to take you out surfing ensuring your experience will be an unforgettable fun day to remember!

The waves.

During the lesson we choose where to surf depending on surf conditions of specific day. Puena Point is a dream wave for any beginner offering super fun small rides even in the winter. If it gets too small, which does happen usually sometimes in the summer, we take a look at some other spots down the road like Laniakea and Chuns Reef. 


Surf Lessons

Wether its your first lesson or already have some experience come join us for a beautiful fun day riding waves with professional guidance. We truly love surfing and look forward to pass the stoke onto you with aloha!





Beachfront retreats in legendary north shore of Oahu. Contact us today to see how you can live the dream now in this guided retreat opportunity! Enjoy the lifestyle, connect with nature and see the island while learning about the culture.