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Lani means heavenly in Hawaiian. Lani Surf originated in the Pacific ocean, our backyard, because of the love we have for surfing. There is no better form of connecting with nature than being in the ocean riding waves. Thankfully this stoke for surfing is something part of our lives. We are excited to share this experience with plenty of aloha.


Part of the past ancient culture in the Hawaiian islands surfing is a very exalted sport. Riding waves was an activity reserved only for the ali'i or those of royal blood such as kings and queens. We are privileged today to have such a healthy fun passion thats part of our way of living. We must express the highest form of gratitude to the mana, all surrounding energy and power, in this heavenly place. We are happy surfing its good for the soul!


Lani Surf owner arrived in Oahu in 1989 at 10 months old. Watching his father, who first arrived in 1981, find big hollow waves around the world he was influenced by this surrounding environment. The north shore's wave rich coast line is a surfers dream and he was raised here. 


Growing up involved surf contests all around the Hawaiian islands where life long friendships were formed. His brother continued to compete afterwards in the world qualifying series events winning events at home in Sunset beach and in Puerto Escondido Mexico.


Continuing to surf, it is just a way of life, and all the wave finding missions around the world bring a lot of learning. So much energy dedicated to this lifestyle which is always worth the experience. Seeing the cultures, our incredible planet and meeting new people usually with similar interests. Doing this with the proper mind-set can bring a stronger sense of appreciation for everything surrounding us causing you to form a bigger connection with nature and people. Guided by many mentors and influences in the surfing world. The pure stoke and love for surfing has taken Lani Surf owner to some of the highest level surfing corners of the world to find ocean swells and ride natures energy. At home in Hawaii he loves Pipeline. Indonesia and Tahiti also hold some of his most profound memories.


Surfing can be something that keeps you healthy. Thoughts of getting up for your next ride or going past the next bend to find your perfect wave. With a waterman's ocean skills and knowledge our qualified instructors will assess the surf conditions of your lesson's specific day to make a decision of where to take you surfing. Ensuring your experience is an unforgettable fun day to remember!

The waves.

Pua'ena Point is a dream wave for any beginner offering super fun small rides even during winter time when the surf on the north shore of Oahu is known for being big. If it gets too small, which does happen, we look at some other spots nearby such as Laniakea and Chuns Reef. 

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